WIFI Targeting | Serve ads on phones that are connected to the internet via WIFI

It’s technically possible to specifically serve ads that are connected to the internet with a WIFI protocol. Secondarily, location targeting based on WIFI connection is considered a very accurate targeting method. Furthermore, it’s considered smart to serve heavy/big ad formats (e.g. a video ad) solely on devices that are connected to the internet with WIFI. Which in turn will guarantee a smooth delivery.


WIFI Targeting


More is possible than you might think

The basic idea of WIFI targeting is serving ads on phones, where the location is determined by a WIFI point. This is indeed possible. There is more to it, however.

It’s technically possible to upload/insert IP addresses of - let’s say – branches of a certain brand/retailer. Then, when a consumer – physically visiting one of these branches – access the internet using this free WIFI point, ads can be served. Furthermore; retargeting activities, based on these impressions, are possible. Logically the storage of (RAW) Device-ID’s is also a possibility.


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