WIFI Targeting

It’s technically possible to specifically serve ads that are connected to the internet with a WIFI protocol. Secondarily, location targeting based on WIFI connection is considered a very accurate targeting method. Furthermore, it’s considered smart to serve heavy/big ad formats (e.g. a video ad) solely on devices that are connected to the internet with WIFI. Which in turn will guarantee a smooth delivery.

WIFI Targeting


More is possible than you might think

The basic idea of wifi targeting is serving ads on phones, where the location is determined by nearest wifi point. This is indeed possible. There is more, however. It’s technically possible to upload/insert IP addresses of - let’s say – branches of a certain brand/retailer. Then, when a consumer – physically visiting one of these branches – access the internet using free wifi, we can serve ads. Furthermore retargeting activities, based on these impressions, are possible.




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