Interest targeting

Using Third Party Data or IAB generated profiles it’s possible to target devices that have previously shown an interest in any given subject. Interest Targeting can greatly increase the outcome of your campaign. For example the CTR and conversion-rate can vary substantially when activating or deactivating Interest Targeting.

Connection Targeting


Target your audience based on interest data

There are two protocols for targeting on interest data. Firstly; most Data Management Platforms (or: DMP) provide interest preferences of smartphone users. These are collected via cookie protocols (mobile web) or Device-ID protocols (in-app). The collection (or: crawling) of user preferences roughly comes down to publishers that are visited, specific content that is clicked on - and products that are bought.  These preferences are stored and can be targeted upon using a good Demand Side Platform. Collecting and storing data can be very interesting in terms of research and analysis. In essence mobile advertising can function as market-, design research.




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