Time Targeting | Only serve ads on specific moments of the day

Time Targeting is a simple yet effective campaign strategy. Serving ads on specific hours of the day can be very beneficial for your campaign results. The strategies are endless; serve food related ads during breakfast, lunch or dinner related hours. Combine Time Targeting with Location Targeting and serve train ads above traffic-jams - to name just a few.


Time Targeting


’There is no time’ - Einstein. Yes there is, and it matters

Day of the week. Hour of the day. Minute of the hour. Often explainable, but many times a significant correlation between time and conversions of certain product - are noticeable. In the more standard deployement of time targeting; ads are (f.e.) served only during hours a (f.e.) shop is open or only during the pick-up times for elementary schools (location + time targeting).

It’s also possible to serve speficic ads aligned with specific moments on traditional TV. This can be specific commercials (f.e. from a competitor) and/or specific shows/actual television. Check out TVTY to learn more.


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