Whitelabel DSP | Have your own Demand Side Platform

We offer several Whitelabel DSP solutions. It’s possible for us to create a custom platform that will give you and your clients an edge in the chaotic world of online advertising. Among other USP’s you will be able to give your clients a login for a platform that appears yours.



Whitelabel DSP 

Have your own Demand Side Platform – Your desired logo, custom URL, custom colors and actual platform set-up

As one of the few Demand Side Platforms, we offer a smart yet simple whitelabel solution. We can provide our clients with a solution that is tailored to their needs and specific wishes.

Whitelabel DSP

Whitelabel DSP

For example; it’s possible to provide a whitelabel platform based on a specific url which carries a logo of choice. Even the colors, DNS settings, custom terms and conditions and set-up of the interface/platform can be tailored to individual needs. Also, autonomous approval of campaigns can be provided. Just as custom pixels.

Most importantly, we offer our whitelabel clients the possibly to be able to provide self-serve access and view-only accounts to their respective clients.


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