Site/URL Targeting



Create big whitelists with publishers that have your desired audience
as an … audience

The practice of only serving ads on specific mobile websites (whitelisting) is not new. However, because of the vastly increasing specific publishers (read; mobile sites) the technique is becoming a vital and profitable form of mobile display advertising. Why? Every day more and more publishers connect themselves to adexchanges and SSP’s. These publishers are operating with audiences and niches most clients/advertisers have never heard before. In that sense mobile display advertising is a great marketing tool for reaching specific niches/audiences. Some examples:

  • Horseriding publishers
  • Hunting publishers
  • Swimming publishers
  • Garden publishers

The list goes on and on. Especially for advertisers/clients with a specific audience, it can be very valuable to get in touch with a mobile programmatic platform (or DSP) as it is quite possible that their exact audience can be reached by finding publishers that have visitors that comply with these audience wishes.