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Contextual serving of ads greatly contributes to overall campaign performance. Target on text segments, audio or even video – and make sure your ad is served on devices that visit publishers (apps en mobile site) that show content which is similar to what you are offering. Reach out for more information.




Reach your audience by serving in publishers that show similar content as your ad

Contextual Serving/Targeting

Contextual Serving/Targeting

By the technology of ‘real-time page evaluations’ we can ‘see’ what content is being served within a certain publisher. This content can be text, but also audio - and even video. Within the platform it’s possible to set-up specific keywords that match the ad you are serving. In other words;your ad will be served between content that is relevant for the audience you are trying to reach. The technique is considered strong and can greatly increase campaign results – compared to a normal/blank line. Reach out to learn the full spectrum of contextual serving/targeting scenarios.


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