Retargeting & Remarketing | Powerfull and usually a strong ROI

It is our belief that every online retailer should have a permanent and smart retargeting/remarketing strategy active. Use our tools and knowledge to successfully implement and run Retargeting & Remarketing campaigns.



Retargeting, Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing

There is a big difference between Retargeting and Remarketing. Both – especially Remarketing – are valuable marketing tools. Let us help you set up a professional strategy/campaign concerning these programmatic tools.

With Retargeting you can serve ads, based on a prior ad - that already has been served. The tool – which every good DSP offers – let’s you serve ads to devices that have previously been served an ad. The retargeting strategy/campaign be based on a location where the ad is served, a click, time spend on ad, video completion rate and much more metrics.

Retargeting &amp; Remarketing

Retargeting & Remarketing

With Remarketing you can serve ads to devices/consumers that have previously visited your site. Site visitors are considered ‘warm leads’ and serving ads to them is considered a campaign strategy with a strong ROI.

Furthermore, Dynamic Remarketing makes is possible to serve ads based on the purchases that a visitor has made, or simply the products that have been watched. Using proprietary tech or that of third parties; we can help you with every step of this campaign strategy.


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