Geofencing | Up to 1.000.000 GEO-fences in one campaign

Geo-Fencing or the placement of Geo-Fences is a known yet relatively new Programmatic Advertising technique. The success of your Location Targeted campaign depends on the capabilities and precision of the GEO-Tool that you use. Our Geo-Tool is strong, stable and is capable of uploading up to 1.000.000 Geo-Fences in one campaign. Reach out.


GEO Fences


Location Based Mobile Advertising taken to a new level

The amount of hyper-local inventory increases every day. In our view, location based mobile advertising is the strongest and most useful discipline of mobile display advertising.

Our GEO-Tool is considered the best of it’s kind, with several unique options. Either managed or self-serve, we/you can upload up to 1.000,000 addresses (latitude and longtitude) and serve advertisements on these exact locations. The tool is able to switch between different levels of accuracy, including GPS, WIFI, Cellular and IP address. As well as this, it’s possible to report on individual GEO-Fences and optimize accordingly. Using dynamic banner technology, we can serve individual/custom creatives on/in different GEO-Fences.

Also, an unlimited bid option comes in handy at times. Specifically when serving ‘on/above’ popular/big events or locations that are popular to target.

To increase our effectiveness further, we work with several local, national and international data providers. They are able to provide us with addresses (or latitude and longitude) of nearly every category you can think of. You want to serve banners on all universities in EMEA? Done. You want to serve banners on IT-related companies in Germany? Done. You want to serve banners on hospitals (case study), globally? Done.

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