Weather Targeting | Discover the influence the weather has on your campaign

Targeting on weather conditions is a simple yet effective campaign strategy. Either automated or manually activated; customizing your ad/banner based on the weather can increase several KPI’s of your campaign. Serve an ice-cream ad on the beach - during a hot day: just an example.


Weather Targeting


Discover the influence weather can have on your campaign

Although targeting on weather conditions remains a simple and manual targeting procedure, the influence on your campaign can be vast. When you create an ad/banner (or: offer) that refers to the weather, normal kpi’s usually increase in their value. If the offer of your product is closely connected/aligned to the weather, these values (kpi’s) usually increase even more.

Some examples:

·       Car tires designed for winter conditions when it’s snowing
·       Ice cream ads served on the beach (location targeting) on a hot day
·       Netflix ads on a rainy day
·       Sunny beach holiday when it’s raining (location targeting)
·       Kite-surf gear when its windy (served in kite-surf related publishers)


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