Country Targeting | Serve ads all over the world

Logically it’s possible to serve ads in specific countries. Products that have a global appeal can be served in pretty much any country - worldwide. Discover new markets for your product by applying Country Targeting.


Device Targeting


Serve ads in almost all countries of the world

The beautiful thing about programmatic advertising is that it’s possible to serve ads in practically every country in the world (with the exception of - for example - North Korea).

An explanation: adexchanges have thousands of apps and mobile websites connected to them. These apps and mobile sites often have a global audience. For example Youtube or Gmail are publishers that are used in pretty much every country. With that; we can serve banners in every country.

There is - however - more possible. Apps and mobile sites that are popular in specific countries and/or are solely meant for these countries – often - are connected to adexchanges. This means that besides being able to serve on globally popular apps and mobile websites, country specific apps and mobile websites can be reached as well. This means that, serving on/in apps and mobile websites with a global - or a country specific audience, it’s possible to serve ads in almost every country of the world.


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