App Name Targeting | Every interest has an app dedicated to it

Serving on specific apps is a potentially profitable campaign technique. The interesting thing about Programmatic Mobile Advertising is that about 220.000 individual apps can be reached. Literally every hobby or interest has an app dedicated to it. This makes it very easy to reach your specific audience. Reach out!


App Name Targeting


Every audience can be reached

An advantage of being able to serve ads in about 210.000 individual apps, is that pretty much every audience is reachable. Why? Because for every interest, every hobby and every daily situation; an app exists. Your or your client wants to serve ads in apps for horses, sailing, running, music, soccer, tennis or whales (just some examples)? It can be done.

Advertisers/clients with a very specific audience, most likely are able to reach their target group. The more adexchanges a programmatic advertising platform is connected to, the bigger the chances for actually finding, reaching and engaging with their specific customer-base. 


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