GPS targeting

Only apps are able to transport a GPS (or lat/long) location when communicating an ad-request. Hence, if you want to target a specific location, in-app traffic is your inventory of choice. Locations determined based on GPS can be as accurate as 10 meters.

GPS Targeting


Location determination has never been so accurate

About 4 years ago as little as 5% of smartphones permanently had their GPS ‘on’. Today, because of hundreds if not thousands of apps in use (which require GPS to be on), estimates and research suggest this percentage to be in the high 80’s. This means a large portion of consumers have their GPS permanently on and with that, their exact location can be determined. This can be as accurate as 5 meters. Although fraudulent activities are present (publishers selling their inventory with fake GPS coordinates because they are worth more), the technology is solid and many campaign strategies are possible. For example it’s possible to serve on train-tracks. Or on highways. Advertisers can target consumers who are in the direct vicinity of their branche/store.




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