Update: Targetoo MWC campaign

Bidding $ 1500 insane? Right now we are at a $ 6000 bid

With a winrate of 39%, it seems somebody is still outbidding us regarding serving ads on the Mobile World Congress. Based on a dynamic CPM algorithm, we managed to get traction at $ 1149 CPM. How insane is that?

This means that the market values impressions on/at the location - based on a normal 300x250 image banner (seen below) - of the MWC at $ 1149 CPM. We repeat; $ 1149! So far we won 2049 impressions, achieved 71 clicks (CTR = 3,46% !) and received 4 inquires. Not bad, not bad at all.


What does this extreme pricing tell us? Well, for starters a clear indication of GEO-Targeting - based on Programmatic Mobile Advertising - becoming a more popular marketing tool by every day that passes. We estimate that about 80-110 Demand Side Platforms are trying to get serious traction on the MWC event. Friday we will share a new update!

Want to know what GEO Targeting can do for your company/brand? Reach out!


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