TVTY - TV Synchronization | Serve your ads during specific TV moments

Our integration with technology like TVTY, offers our clients the possibility to synchronize ad-serving with moments on ‘normal’ television. The campaign strategy usually creates high engagement and CTR’s - showing that the synchronization has a positive effect on any campaign that is delpoyed in this manner.


TVTY TV Syncing

TVTY – TV Synchronization 

Connect and relate your mobile ads to moments on TV

Our integration with TVTY enables our clients (managed or self-serve) to synchronize mobile ads with specific moments on TV. Optionally using contextualized banners, the technique serves ads on devices of consumers that (unconsciously) have seen specific moments on regular TV. This can be events in sports, news, type of movie and actual TV commercials. The integration enables our clients to synchronize their mobile ads - in real time – with the more traditional world of television.


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