Device ID Capabilities | Store, use, import and retarget devices

Being able to import and export Device-ID’s can be very beneficial for your Programmatic Advertising activities. For example, it’s possible to export Device-ID’s from our platform, and upload them in Facebook Ads Manager for Retatargeting purposes. Also beacons that ‘capture’ Device- ID’s can be uploaded and served on. Reach out.


Extensive Forecasting


Promising new campaign options

Our technical infrastructure allows us to upload or implement Device ID’s and serve ads on these devices. This creates very interesting campaign possibilities.

Device ID Targeting

Device ID Targeting

Device ID’s can be ‘captured’ by a beacon or a wifi hotspot - or simply by serving an ad. Manually or automatically we can upload these Device ID’s in our platform and then start serving ads on these devices. 

Secondarily, we can produce/deliver Device ID’s retrieved from mobile advertising campaigns. Using other platforms – for example a DMP or crossmedia software – data can be compared/retrieved and acted upon. More linear, audience segments can be build. All in all the technology enables vast new campaign options.

It's also technically possible to export Device ID's from our platform and upload them (e.g.) in Facebook. This retargeting technique shows very promising results.

Please note that due to the GDPR legislation (recently introduced in Europe), our device ID offering/solutions are limited in this Geo (Europe).


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