Serving ads above the White House - will we get arrested?

After the rather special experience of us serving ads above the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - we have come up with a new campaign idea. It is - however - a tricky one.

Hold on to your seat belts because we just launched a campaign serving ads ‘on/above’ the White House (Washington DC) in the roaring and deeply divided United States of America.

Questions that arise:

  • Will we get arrested?

  • Will we be raided by Seal Team Six?

  • White House invitation perhaps?

No, all fun and games - but there are some very interesting aspects and questions coming along with this campaign:

  • At what bid will we get traction (being that it’s very likely others have the same idea - serving ads on/above the White House)?

  • What are the publishers (apps and sites) mostly visited by people residing, working or living (!) in the actual White House?

    • Can we make this ‘public’ to our few hundred blog readers?

      • If not; what will happen if we do? Legal advise is welcome.

Below the ads/banners (300x250 & 320x50 - image banners) we will serve and the geo-marker within our geo-tool (radius of geo-fence is set at 240 meters).



Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 14.32.08.png

We will update you when we have interesting developments to share. If you don’t hear from us again, do start to worry.

If you want to learn more about our global ad serving capabilities and solutions, reach out!


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