Native Advertising | Blend your ad in normal content

Integrating your commercial message/ad into the (textual) content of a publisher is called Native Advertising. The main idea is that your ad appears to be a part of the content that the publisher in question is displaying. Generally speaking, engagement and metrics such as CTR can increase significantly in comparison to a normal campaign.


Native Advertising


Textual in-content ads, native mobile advertising still unknown to many

Native Mobile Advertising remains unknown to many advertisers. However, the KPI’s of native advertising campaigns are high, making it technology that advertisers should consider.

Native Mobile Ads are, in essence, ads that ‘blend in’ the normal content of an app or mobile website. This can be visual (by offering a button f.e.), textual and everything in between. The discipline is created and arisen because of the natural mixture of (editorial) content and commercial advertising. In that sense, many question the disciplines definition as being ‘native’.

We are integrated with several native-orientated ad exchanges. Native Advertising, when implemented and deployed properly, can be highly effective and profitable. Also consider contextual targeting - as it resonates and is similar to Native Advertising.


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