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Time spend on ad and heatmap interaction analysis can offer valuable insights regarding the performance of your campaign. Simply put, the more metrics a Demand Side Platform can report on, the better.


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With mobile advertising, a lot more can be measured than just the click

Reporting variables (or KPI’s) have greatly increased over the years. Largely due to the possibilities of rich media creatives. No longer is the click the holy grail of optimization. The newest technologies allow us to report (and optimize) on; heatmaps of the creative/banner (where does the consumer click?), the amount of expands (in case of an expandable format), the moment a consumer stops the video (in case of a video ad) and how many swipes (in case of cube formats) - to name just a few. These reporting options greatly increase your understanding of campaigns, what works and what doesn’t. The technology we operate is seen as a front-runner when it comes to the sheer amount of reporting variables. Like in many fields of mobile advertising, quality in numbers applies here. The more reporting possibilities you have; the bigger the chance the campaign can be made profitable (or; ‘a success’).


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