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De Bijenkorf

Campaign aimed at Chinese and Russian tourists

Prospering Chinese and Russian tourists are one of the most important clientele of Amsterdam’s De Bijenkorf (a Dutch variant to House of Fraser). In order to reach these tourists, De Bijenkorf has started a partnership with Targetoo. 

The goal? To display the mobile banner in the correct language (Chinese or Russian) when the user is located in Amsterdam. 

How did we do it? 

Through location targeting, we were able to determine the boundaries of Amsterdam, allowing us to solely focus on smartphones/tablets located within these specific boundaries. The next step of this campaign was to identify the language spoken by the user. This was done by verifying which language package the device had installed (language targeting). Each time we identified a user that met both criteria (Amsterdam + Chinese or Amsterdam + Russian), using one of the Apps or mobile websites in one of the Ad Exchanges of Targetoo, we displayed a banner accordingly. 

The success of this campaign was co-determined by the inventory we have in the 15 Ad Exchanges that we work with. This is an essential element, in obtaining optimal reach, with specific targeting (location and language targeting). 

The results? Despite having strict targeting, we’ve been able to generate a strong average of 5000 impressions per day. This has made for a highly effective and successful campaign for De Bijenkorf.


Reaching the right audience


Throughout this campaign, Capgemini had specific wishes regarding the target audience they wanted to reach, focusing on candidates who would fulfill positions at Capgemini. In order to reach this target audience, Targetoo utilsed a range of targeting features. 

Impressions were generated on devices where there was a clear indication that the owner of the device met the criteria of the target audience, which Capgemini had defined for us. Both Capgemini and Targetoo were pleased with the results of this campaign.


Use of the dynamic banner: to generate visitors at 19 local cafes in Rotterdam


Heineken asked Targetoo to set up their ‘High Five’ campaign to generate visitors, to one of their 19 Heineken cafés/bars in Rotterdam. Due to the number of these cafes and bars, the dynamic banner proved to be extremely useful, during this campaign. 

Why was the dynamic banner so useful? 

Dynamic Banner

For this campaign, the dynamic banner was able to show the customer the nearest cafe/bar based on the location of an individual. Within seconds, customers were able to find where to go to have a Heineken beer. Typically, a user would have to click more than once, before they were able to see the location of their destination. For this campaign, we ensured the location was shown immediately which allowed for a swift, simple and easy user experience. The click-through-rate (CTR) for this specific campaign was exceeding 2% at times. 

The success of this campaign was dependent on the inventory we chose to work with. We used all 15 of the Ad Exchanges that Targetoo works with, which has proven to be a key element in creating optimal reach, with such a highly targeted audience.


Internet Service Provider Targeting


Vodafone wants to gain attention from consumers, who are currently, not using them as their home internet network. As Targetoo can serve banners, exclusively on devices, based on ISP and target competitors, this was a unique opportunity for Vodafone. 

Targetoo utilised and scaled up all of the 17 Ad Exchanges, which enabled us, to obtain the optimum reach. Without scaling up the campaign this way, the results wouldn’t have been possible.


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