Social Display Advertising

Facebook, Instagram and other social networks offer their inventory via proprietary technology. In a certain way, Facebooks’ Ads Manager is a Demand Side platform - but, solely for the programmatic trading/buying of Facebook and Instagram inventory. Although not complicated; specific campaign settings can make a huge difference on the actual outcome of a campaign.


Programmatic Social Advertising

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A positive ROI achievable?

Advertising on Facebook can be profitable. The right ad, served to the right audience can bring a positive ROI in the blink of an eye. This is largely due to the fact that Facebooks’ Ads Manager is able to target (extremely) specific audiences. Facebook’s main purpose is being a social networking website. Because of this, it naturally collects an incredible wealth of information from its users. This includes everything from their location, their interests, their friends, their family – you name it, it’s there. Just think how much information you have put into your own profile.

This allows Facebook to provide tens of thousands of different interest-targeting options. Compared to a (Mobile) Demand Side Platform, these interest-targeting options are unique. Nevertheless, the pricing for Facebook Advertising (CPM/CPC) is high.

Facebook ad formats – native appearance

The different Facebook Ad format options are rather simple. You are either able to serve ads in the newsfeed of your targeted audience, in the sidebar or both.

Facebook Advertising is a form of Programmatic (Mobile) Advertising. Furthermore, it’s interesting to mention that ads in Facebook, especially those in the newsfeed, are great examples of native advertising. Simply because these adverts will appear alongside the organic posts, shares and likes from your friends, family and colleagues – their ‘in-content’ or native characteristics are spot-on.

Average time spend online – Facebook vs ‘All other inventory’

Pretty much every marketeer has Googled these terms. Although results of research differ, it’s fair to state that, globally, on average, a person spends 22 minutes on Facebook. As well as this, other research shows on average a person spends 118 minutes a day online. Furthermore, 81% of this time is spent on a mobile device and only 19% on a desktop or laptop. This means that, although time spent on Facebook is far bigger than any other publisher (youtube comes second), it’s still not even near the time spent on all other publishers. And here’s the thing, more people access the ‘general’ internet (and it’s publishers) than they do Facebook. The point being that, although Facebook is immensely important in day-to-day online marketing, the reach a high-quality DSP can offer is still much larger and more diverse. Secondary it’s worth mentioning that average CPM’s are much higher for Facebook inventory. Because of this, we can conclude that, while display advertising on Facebook shouldn’t be treated as the only option to reach your audience, it’s incredible quantity of reach and inventory make it be an essential online marketing tool to have in your programmatic display arsenal.



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