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Footfall Attribution - Basics



Footfall Attribution - Basics - New Whitepaper

The main concern for an online advertiser is usually whether the money he/she is spending is making an actual impact. Several methods have been developed in order to check this, including view and click attribution to give a couple of examples.

Footfall Attribution – however – makes it possible to analyze and determine the actual impact and conversions in a physical store of the advertiser.

Footfall Attribution refers to the method used to relate mobile campaign impressions or conversions and actual store visits. This is a relevant technique for businesses like clothing stores, automobile sellers and restaurant - as they are able to measure the amount of customers received at any given time or day. Our knowledge of the correct education, installation and utilization of designated Footfall technology helps our clients (agencies or brands) determine the impact of their marketing spend in a new way.

Download our whitepaper regarding; Footfall Attribution - Basics, HERE.


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