What is a Mobile DSP?

What is Mobile DSP


What is a Mobile DSP?

A Mobile DSP is a Demand Side Platform that has developed to the complex eco-system of mobile advertising. The platform allows you to serve your (or your client’s) ads on over two-hundred thousand different apps and mobile websites.

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What are the benefits?

The benefit of exclusively dealing with mobile devices is their ability to provide large amounts of information. This includes elements such as location, age, demographics, interests and is provided through a mixture of GPS and collected app information. This allows companies to utilize more specific targeting tools that result in highly personalised, effective mobile advertising.

As well as superior targeting, mobile also allows the opportunity to design more creative advertising. For example, it is becoming increasingly common to see mobile ads that implement interactivity and responsiveness. 

Finally, only Mobile DSPs can offer in-app advertising. With companies increasingly focusing on app experience as opposed to mobile web browsing, this demonstrates a great advantage desktop DSPs.


Is there anything to back this up?

This interest in mobile advertising is backed up by numerous reports, including this one, that shows mobile advertising spend for 2016 was double that of 2015.

As well as this, since Google’s Mobile Friendly Update, there has been a clear intention from major search engines to capitalize on the increasing number of mobile users.


How does it work?

A Mobile DSP integrates with a mobile ad exchange (an example being Google DoubleClick), which then allows access to millions of ad impressions. After this, the process of finding and buying the right ads is completed almost instantaneously due to the process of real-time bidding.

In the past, this entire process would have taken significant amounts of time, requiring manual input, scores of meetings and days of waiting for that resulted in a loss of revenue and efficiency.

As well as the quick speed, you can to add stipulations before the process takes place that will prevent your advert being shown on websites you consider irrelevant or detrimental, such as alcohol or gambling.


What other benefits are there of a Mobile DSP?

There are a large number of advantages, when it comes to using a Mobile DSP. The below are just a few of many.


1. Highly-detailed reporting

Your ability to see effective reporting is essential to determine what can be done in the future. Because of the large source of information available, Mobile DSPs can be used to create highly detailed analysis and reports.

With the variety of data, they can also adapting for different people. For example, financial reporting can be sent to FDs, conversion rates and CTR to marketing and generated revenue and top-level information to CEOs and MDs.


2. Improved retargeting

Retargeting can be accomplished very efficient because of the way a Mobile DSP works. They can specifically target those that have performed certain actions, for example, visited your website, purchased in the last month or left your contact page without leaving their details.

As well as this, it can also be applied to a location by setting up geo-fences so, for example, every time somebody opens an app in a particular area, retargeting can be performed.

This allows you to advertise more effectively to higher-qualified leads, which in turn increases your ROI and conversion rate.


3. Automated real-time bidding (RTB)

One of the most challenging aspects of paid search and online marketing is the necessity to manage it. With Google Adwords, for example, there requires a significant amount of time management to ensure there isn’t sub-par performance.

Mobile DSPs can to negate this by having structured and intelligent KPIs in place, which are dynamic to the requirements of the campaign. Through this you can save on the one resource that matters most - your time.

Examples of KPIs include eCPC (effective cost per click) and eCPA (effective cost per action). Both of these allow you to run your campaign as efficiently as can be, generating the maximum ROI while requiring less work.

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