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In just one year, Targetoo went from having two employees to twelve and opened offices in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona. What is the secret behind mobile advertising specialist Targetoo?

This young and dynamic company Targetoo (located on Devonshire Square in London) strongly believes in a no-nonsense approach and therefore is not afraid for confrontation with the ‘establishment’.

Targetoo Mobile DSP advertises and positions itself as a trend breaking company in the mobile real-time-bidding sector. It does not invest millions into their own DSP-platform, but instead opts for a simple partnership with a developing party in Spain. “Because our DSP is made in Spain, we do not need to recoup North-European wages. In addition, the platform has more targeting variables in comparison to - North European and American - competing platforms. In reality, we offer more competitive prices and features. We have already made quite an impression on the other established companies within the industry and this is something we are very proud of”, says Ramona Kalloe, together with Remon Pepers founder of this young UK-based group of professionals.


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