Autonomous Approval for whitelabel DSP clients

When having self-serve or whitelabel clients, autonomous approval of campaigns, is an option that not many DSP’s offer. Why is that the case?

Autonomous Approval

Autonomous Approval

Autonomous approval means that a self-serve or whitelabel DSP client can autonomously approve and activate campaigns - essentially without the need of us approving and activating the campaign in question. The reason we (and many other tech vendors) don't offer this to every (new) client is because the potential damage it can cause - regarding the relationship between us (Targetoo) and adexchanges/SSP’s - is substantial.

We get about 60-100 inquires a week. Most of them are shit. We scan every inquire vigourously before starting a cooperation. This is because many so called ‘traders’ and ‘media-buyers’ want to serve malicious ads/banners. To many times we trusted a new client, gave him/her autonomous approval, and then after a few weeks of this client serving ‘normal’ branding ads/banners, malicious campaigns where set-up and launched. Causing a lot of damage in the form of adexchanges/SSP’s shutting down traffic (temporarily or structurally). Apart from the damage regarding trust between us and adexchanges/SSP’s, actual fines (from adexchanges) are also not uncommon. Oddly enough, most of these traders come from - or; are located in - China. After receiving hundreds of inquires from Chinese firms - over the years - we simply have not established 1 fruitful partnership so far. Food for thought.

Essentially we only provide autonomous approval after a long time working together, mutual trust and the absolute guarantee that this ‘autonomous’ client only serves normal/branding ads/banners.

Think you are qualified to have an account with autonomous approval? Reach out!


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