Getting traction @DMEXCO at $ 2214 CPM, Updated performance algorithm

Geo-Fencing @ DMEXCO

Geo-Fencing @ DMEXCO

Updated performance algorithm

We are happy to announce our proprietary performance algorithm has been updated. The update upholds a faster sweet-spot finding (lowest CPO) and increased bid options. Also, the forecasting tool now contains a function to calculate CPO - based on availability and data from past campaigns.

Getting traction with a Geo-Fence ‘above/on’ the DMEXCO location at $ 2214 CPM

Although we only served 61 impressions, the appaerant bid amount ($ 2214) to actually get traction can be discribed as ‘insane’. The value shows again the consolidation of hyper-local ad serving industry. Big events? Count on it somebody is Geo-Fencing that location.

Reach out for more info and case studies.


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