Targetoo moving to first price auction protocol

1st price Auction Targetoo

1st price Auction Targetoo

The majority of ad exchanges that we are integrated with, will be moving to first price auction during Q3 and Q4 2019. However, there are some ad exchanges that have already moved their inventory to first price auction such as Teads and Rubicon.

What does this mean for advertisers buying programmatically?

Up until now, Targetoo has traded programmatically using a second price auction protocol. In other words, the winning advertiser bid pays the second highest bid price. This will start to change effective immediately starting with the ad exchanges listed above that are / have already moved to first price auctions. What this means for advertisers is that you won’t be charged the second highest bid anymore. Instead, you will pay the price that you bid, every time you win a programmatic auction.

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