Why not? Geo-fence above The Kremlin!

What publishers are visited by (Russian) people while residing in the Kremlin? Witch phone brands are popular in the Kremlin? Will we finally be arrested (Spetsnaz)? Let’s find out!

Kremlin campaign

Kremlin campaign

While we are still serving banners in The White House (USA), we have deployed a GEO-Fence on/above the Kremlin. Some interesting questions arise.

The Russian internet infrastructure is different in many ways - when compared to the ‘internet’ present in Europe and The United States; first of all Google has a significant less footprint in Russia. Little people speak English. Likewise little Europeans and Americans speak Russian. Thus; Russia - in some ways - has a guarded, hard to penetrate and nationally orientated - online ecosystem.

Strangely though; mere thousands of typical Russian publishers (apps and sites) are integrated with Europa and America based adexchanges. So, in theory we can serve on them. Furthermore - when forecasting - we do see availability on apps that have a native English language present in them; but are relevant for people around the world. Also, in Russia. Think of phone-cleaning apps , translate apps, weather apps.

What publishers are visited by people residing in the Kremlin?
Will we get traction on typical (or; traditional) Russian apps?
What phone models/brands are popular in the Kremlin?

The list goes on..

The Moscow Kremlin.PNG

Next week we will share the first results as well as the actual banner we are serving. It’s a special one.

Oh, and our (significant) amount of content/tools/info (www.targetoo.com) is now also available in Russian!
За успех!


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