Kremlin campaign update

Which phone brands are most popular in the Kremlin?

Let’s be really clear and mention an actual disclaimer first: we are only able to see which phone brands are active within the Kremlin - based on an impression (ad/banner) being served.

If a device does not visit an app, and gets an impression served, we can not detect anything. Being that it’s likely high government officials use encrypted, highly protected phones, the results below are - in a way - rubbish. Nevertheless fascinating.

Kremlin campaign

Kremlin campaign

Ok, here we go; based on 2231 impressions served, 31 clicks (CTR: 1,39%) the following top 5 mobile device brands - used in the Kremlin - that are accessing the internet - are:

  1. LG

  2. Apple

  3. Samsung

  4. Xiaomi

  5. Motorola

LG, who would have expected that?

So how does this work and how can we detect this? When an app is opened/visited (in this case in the Kremlin) an adrequest is being fired. If that adrequest ‘matches’ or ‘corresponds’ with the campaign set-up from our side; an impression (ad) can be served. In this case the campaign setting is:

  • A geo-fence of 270 meters ‘above’ the Kremlin

  • A very high bid (which we keep to ourselves)

  • No pacing, no frequency caps.

  • An activation of Run Of Network (RON) - meaning that whatever app is being visited; if it allows ads and the device transports latitude and longitude of the actual Kremlin location, - within the adrequest; its likely we will ‘win’ the bid (and serve a banner with that).

So, here you have it. Reach out if you want to learn more about this non-conclusive yet fascinating campaign technology.

Random example of Make/Brand reporting section

Random example of Make/Brand reporting section


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