WHITE HOUSE campaign update 28-03-2019

CTR of 10,73%, device id’s gathered, still not arrested nor raided by Seal Team Six


Breitbart, CNN, FOX News, Huffington Post but also ‘Daily Work-Out’, ‘All Languages Translator’ and ‘Cleanmaster’ are pubs being ‘visited’ by devices (people) residing in The White House. The news related publishers makes sense, the less qualitative publishers do not. It’s fair to say that these less qualitative publishers still undermine the apparent strength of hyperlocal programmatic advertising.

The incredibly high CTR is - frankly - astonishing. It has dropped from 16+%, however still at least 10-12 times higher than industry benchmarks. The targeting in combination with the relevant banner is responsible for most of this.


Because the winrate is still relatively low, we have increased the bid (again) to $ 8001. Logically we have set-up a daily cap on spend as we don’t want to go bankrupt. A new update in a week!

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