Mobile World Congress campaign finished - results

7149 impressions, 401 clicks, a CTR of 5,61 %, average CPM of $ 1433, number of device id’s collected; 5285. Number of inquires on website; 4. The average win-rate was 39,73%.

What do these numbers tell us?

First of all; 7149 won impressions on an event like the MWC is peanuts. Very little. Based on the visitor amount, the affinity with mobile of these visitors and the actual scale of the event; we estimate that there where somewhere like a million impressions available/to-be-won. If not more. Then why do we report a winrate of 39,73%? The most logical explanation is that the overall campaign budget was restrictive. How insane is it, looking at the CPM we got traction with and the fact there were probably more than 1 million impressions to be won; that is technically possible to spend over € 150.000 with just 1 Geo-fence above the MWC - in a matter of 3 days.

401 clicks and a CTR of 5,61% (based on a 300x250 banner). Those are awesome stats. Nothing more to it. We served the same banner without geo-targeting (MWC location) in geo; Spain - and achieved a CTR of 0,81%. We can conclude that by serving on/above the MWC location/event; an audience was reached that had a strong affinity with Mobile and Programmatic Advertising. No rocketscience.

4 inquires on our website One specifically mentioning how cool she found it that we managed to serve her our banner while she was attending the MWC. Even so; looking at the campaign spend we were a bit disapointed by this amount. We hope the branding aspect of this campaign was strong and we will - in the end - experience a positive ROI. And; we still have the retargeting campaign to deploy.

What surprised us most; the insanely high CPM to get traction. All in all an entertaining and educational experience.

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