16%+ CTR!! - Internal Targetoo campaign - Dynamic banner - Update

In one of recent blog posts we explained the Location Based campaign we are running for our own brand; Targetoo. After weeks of tweaking we are happy to announce that we are achieving a daily CTR of 15% or more. Frankly; a CTR we never witnessed before. Check the original blog post here.


As explained we are serving ‘above’ 2500 locations (or; addresses) of media agencies based in the Netherlands. We are serving a dynamic banner that - depending on the location it is being served - shows the actual name of the agency IN the banner (and changes depending the location it’s being served).

Again; the banner we are serving:


  • GEO-fences are set at 50 meters

  • We are only targeting GPS traffic (in-app)

  • Bid is $ 300

Although we are achieving about 600 impressions a day, we have already received several inquires. We highly recommend this campaign strategy/set-up. It can be deployed for many campaign goals. Reach out for more info and discuss how this campaign technique can benefit your - or your clients’ - brand.


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