Targetoo NOT attending MWC

Targetoo NOT attending MWC - However serving ads on MWC location with a $ 1500 bid – Representative present in Barcelona

Yield, Populate, Holistic, 360, Smart data, Fully GDPR Compliant – just some of the terminology you will hear in great abundance – if visiting the Mobile World Congress. 

Don’t get us wrong; we love the MWC. We have attended for years. There comes a time – however – where you want technology to do the speaking. That’s why we will we be serving Targetoo ads on the location of the MWC – with a $ 1500 (or higher) bid. Hoping we outbid the hundreds (if not thousands) who have the same idea. Having an unlimited/open/uncapped bid option will help. Secondarily we will catch device id’s and set-up a retargeting line (to be active outside of Europe – due to the GDPR). When the event is over (28-02) we will inform our readers and newsletter database with the results.

The banner we will be serving:


If you want to meet one of our representatives in Barcelona, you can do so by reaching out😊 - If you are visiting the MWC we hope you have a terrific time. Secret restaurant recommendation: El Celler, Olesa de Bonesvalls (20 minutes outside of Barcelona).


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