Case study internal Targetoo campaign - Targeting 2500 office locations of media agencies in NL

First of all; happy new year! We hope you enjoyed the holidays, Christmas and New Years Eve (without losing body parts). May the programmatic new year (2019) be good for us all.

We would like to share with you an internal campaign we recently activated. From our partner Data Collectief ( we bought an address list of 2500 media-agencies - active in the Netherlands. We populated the file with latitude and longitude coordinates. We then created this dynamic banner:


We (automatically) set-up 2500 geo-fences of 70 meters ‘above’ these 2500 office locations. Depending on the location where the ad is served; the correct company name (below ‘HOI’) appears in the ad (dynamically). Being that many of these media agencies are present in our newsletter database; if you see the banner, make a screenshot and in return we will give you € 100 free campaign budget. Spend on whatever campaign you like.

Reach out if you want to learn if a similar campaign (targeting thousands of addresses/locations) can help you and/or your clients.


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