Whitelisting in 2018/2019, updated whitelabel features


Whitelisting in 2018/2019, New Whitelabel features, Upgraded performance algorithm

Whitelisting in 2018/2019

It doesn’t matter if you are working for an adtech company, an agency or an actual brand/product; most digital peers know the importance of whitelisting. Until recently – in our view – the best way to create qualitative whitelists, is by creating them manually. In some cases even using Google to search for qualitative apps/sites and check if they have an adslot. Luckily, we are in 2018. Recently, Targetoo partnered with Appfigures. With the technology of Appfigures it’s possible to search and export thousands of publishers in a matter of minutes. The tool allows you to filter on rating, date of introduction, ads allowed (or not), interest and demographic data. Also searching based on keywords is possible. The possibilities are endless. Reach out if you need a strong/qualitative whitelist but don’t have the time to build one.

New Whitelabel features

As of now we are able to offer individual DNS settings, custom disclaimers and many more features that are beneficial for your whitelabel. Reach out for more information.

Updated Performance Algorithm

Recently the performance algorithm has been updated. More and more are we able to reach certain CPL/CPA goals. In many cases we still can’t – as we are running on organic inventory only – but improving gradually. In some cases we where able to produce lower CPl/CPA’s than networks/platforms that possibly use incentivized models. Proud!

Site translated into Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and more

As of now we can present our content in Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic and Hindu. Many thanks to the involved translators.

We got scammed!

And last; be aware of SOSO Advertising, based in Hong Kong, contact; Silvia Lin https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvia-lin-142216b9/ (not sure if she actually exists). She/they scammed us for about 4,5k. It’s ok to laugh.

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