OpenRTB 3.0 coming in 2019


IAB Tech Lab announces a new OpenRTB protocol (3.0) will arrive in 2019

The eight-year-old OpenRTB standard governs how demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs) communicate with each other to buy and sell programmatic ads. But bad actors exploited the standard’s holes, leading to domain spoofing, location fraud, in-banner video and other issues.

To make the OpenRTB spec more secure, the IAB Tech Lab broke with the old standard, meaning OpenRTB 3.0 is not reverse compatible. DSPs and SSPs must rewrite their code to comply with the new standard.

The new protocol claims to combat ad-fraud by giving bidrequests a signature - essentially marking them as valid/organic/honest bid requests.

Slowly every loophole that incites or drives ad-fraud is closed; making the Programmatic Advertising industry stronger and more adult. Reach out for more info.


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