What was 2018 about regarding Programmatic Advertising?

The year 2018 was about the GDPR, ads.txt, viewability and brand safety. What do these industry changes and updates tell us?

It’s fair to conclude that the Programmatic Advertising industry is materializing into a solid and safe marketing discipline. The introduction of the GDPR and the expanding presence of the ads.txt protocol is good for all involved; from supply to demand, from advertiser to end-user/consumer; these changes signal a more adult, solid and safe Programmatic Advertising landscape. Serving ads in publishers (app or web) is essentially the same as the nearly 300-year-old advertising industry; commercial messages in physical (news)papers. Being that mainly mobile devices are present – and are being owned – by up to a mere 5 billion people on this planet, it’s fair to say Programmatic Advertising (or; advertising in apps and websites) is the biggest marketing discipline currently around. Although disciplines like Search, SEA, E-mail marketing and actual Print are often valuable and strongly present, the sheer scale of Programmatic Advertising is on another level. This is why consolidation, improvement of consumer safety/transparency, Brand Safety, tools like Viewability and overall maturing – of the entire industry – is a good thing.

We wish you great holidays/Christmas and a healthy and abundant 2019

Many thanks to our clients – you! Old and new ones; we value the partnerships we have. We will remain dedicated to deliver strong Programmatic Advertising campaigns in 2019. To our clients - small and big; we wish you a great holiday/Christmas and a healthy and abundant 2019.

Thank you.


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