Case study, Competitivity When geo-fencing on specific locations, Update

Case study: GEO-Targeting on 12.526 addresses

In cooperation with a valued client we created a case study of the functionality and results of targeting on 12.526 addresses/locations. The campaign objective in question was to fill/find 18 jobs/positions in the entire Netherlands – for nursery/care related vacancies. We bought a normal address file from our partner Data-Collectief. In this example/case we bought 12.526 addresses of companies, institutions, non-profits and government agencies that perform services/tasks in the area of care, more specifically; care for elder citizens. Some examples: nursing-homes, companies that deliver nursing/care services and local care/nursery locations. The campaign had a duration of 16 days and a total of 1.428.000 impressions have been served (divided over standard IAB formats and a Rich Media interscroller). At the same time a similar campaign without location targeting was activated, but with the same creatives and bid-amounts. Very interestingly; significant different results were being measured (CTR, Engagement and Landingrate). A GEO-Tool that allows this many geo-fences to be live is a necessity. Also automated uploading of addresses; either by zipcode + housenumber and/or lat/long is needed. All in all we enjoyed the realization of the case. Reach out if you want to read the full case-study.   

Competitivity when targeting on specific locations – bid analysis

Some of our clients ask us to serve ads on specific locations to reach a specific audience. Nothing fancy there. What is interesting – however – is seeing/witnessing that many specific locations have a higher pricefloor (in regards to winning bids) than non-specific locations. For example; take universities, city centers and government locations; we are witnessing that when launching a geo-fence of let’s say 500 meters on a university address/location; the pricefloor to win actual bidrequests is significantly higher than the pricefloor of winning bids within a geo-fence of 1 kilometer away – on a non-specific location. The difference in pricing can be as high as 500%. Reach out to learn more.

New Whitelabel DSP Features

Besides inserting a desired logo, upholding company colours and a specific URL, we are now also able to give our whitelabel clients individual DNS Settings, custom on-page SEO and custom terms and conditions. Reach out to learn more.


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